Pendulum Workshop

Saturday, January 29, 2022, 2-4PM

Wild Rose Yoga Studio, 2 Electronics Ave, Danvers, MA 01923

$50.00, limit 10 students

You can purchase a pendulum for $35.00 @ the workshop.

This is for beginners. The basics in pendulum work will be introduced. If you plan to bring your own pendulum, please make sure it is metal or wooden.

Contact the instructor, Kate Rafferty through this website.


Transformational Kinesiolgy

TK, as we fondly call it, is a set of spiritual development classes. Taken from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, the Great Seven Rays of energy, coming from the Seven Stars in the Great Bear Star System are studied in their various manifestations. We first introduce the the positive and negative qualities of the Rays as outlined in the books written by Alice Bailey in the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  By setting a goal, it is possible to work out a solution to achieving that goal through the Seven Ray teachings.

We live in a septenary system.  There are 7 notes in a scale,  7 colors in the rainbow, 7 Sacred planets in our Solar System, 7 days of the week, 7 major chakras in the body, 21 minor chakras, and 7 paired meridians in the acupuncture system. Our physical/etheric makeup is influenced directly by the 7 rays, and this is the key to healing and spiritual development.

The cosmos is very ordered with light moving through space, forming Solar Systems and Planets. Light splits into the 7 major colors, forming the 7 major avenues in life on our planet, Earth:  Politics, Education, Business, Art, Science, Religion and Civilization. Each avenue of endeavor lead us back to the source of our inner being and our true light.




Why or How does muscle testing work?

It works because we are energy beings. We are electrical,energy beings.

Yes, even the etheric energy is electrical, and it manifests into the bones, muscles, blood, nervous system, etc.  If your life is going well, your body is functioning well because the energy is flowing, electrically.  If your body is functioning well, your life is going well.  It’s both!  The etheric-energy body has to be in good working order for the physical body to be in good working order.

How do you align and meet your goals in life?

meditation, study and service

Muscle Testing is a tool to help assess the pathway or next step on your way to your alignment and goal. It’s a “hands  on” experience. You learn to listen to your body. Your muscles become your indicators, and your messengers.

You need a goal, and then, you need to be aware of the obstacles in the way of that goal. The obstacles are not always apparent.  The beauty of muscle testing is that the whole body shuts down when you can’t achieve your goal. That means that you know when you’ve found the obstacle because the “indicator muscle” will test a weakness. Then,  once the obstacle has been found,  you can find the pathway to overcome the obstacle and move forward toward your goal. When you run into your next obstacle, use the muscle testing again to remove it, and keep moving toward your goal.

Muscle Testing Basics Class, Noon to 2PM, September 20 and 27, $75.00, 99 Massachusetts Ave, Suite #3 in the basement, Arlington MA (space limited)   sign up: