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Join me for upcoming classes and workshops. 

Beginning Muscle Testing Basics Class – One Day Workshop

June 27, July 25 or August 15 

Muscle Testing Basics covers basic muscle testing using an energy clearing method, goal setting, food testing, and basic magnet testing. Muscle testing is also called Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a technique of communication with the body/mind through muscle testing. It is an art, and like all arts, it needs to be practiced. This means working with many different people because each person is slightly different. Muscle Testing is used to determine energy imbalances, food sensitivities, minor psychological imbalances, educational enhancements, chiropractic, and much  more.

The basics are the same: Whatever makes the muscle go weak, there is something that will help it hold its strength. This is a “hands on” workshop. You’ll need another person to work on if you are doing this workshop on Zoom.

Place: Wild Rose Yoga Studio, 2 Electronics Avenue, Danvers, MA or on Zoom Time: 10 AM to 5PM 

Date: Pick ONE of these 3 dates: June 27, July 25 or August 15 

Cost: $300.00 (PayPal = “Kate Rafferty”)

Transformational Kinesiology Group Balance
Introduction to the TK process. Bring a friend and introduce them to the fundamentals to the TK process, and they will receive their first TK Seven Ray Balance. This is a great way to start learning TK, come to the group balance.
Place: 21 Maple St., Arlington, MA 02474
Time: 7-9:30, pm
Cost: $10
Dates: 2nd Wednesday of every month

Esoteric Astrology Study Group

The energy is in the glyph, move to the energy. A glyph is a symbolic interpretation of energy, like the zodiac and planetary symbols. Learn to use the energy of the day esoteric astrology.
Place: Call Kate 7817711366
Time: 7-9, pm
Cost: $10
Dates: 4th Wednesday of every month

Transformational Kinesiology Level 3 : $150 for each balance

Prerequisite: Completion of Transformational Kinesiology Level 1 & 2
This class incorporates previous TK levels by focusing on the heart chakra, habit change, protection against attack, transfer of energy from the lower to the higher chakras, and change of focus from the personality to the soul.
Call Kate for details @ 7817711366
Location: On Skype
Date: Tuesdays
Time: 11-1:30 EST

Muscle Testing Basics with/for Animals : $200

Woodstock, VT
The technique of muscle testing has been used extensively on Humans, but/and there are only a few veterinarians who use muscle testing for animals. I am happy to introduce the basics in muscle testing and some simple techniques for working with animals. There is a lot more that can be done and we’re starting here. The day will include basic techniques, “food” testing, flower essence and physical-etheric coordination.

TK Foundations Online: $300 for 8 sessions

In TK Foundations Online is the beginning course in a series of eight where we study the basics of transformational kinesiology. We will learn the Seven Rays and the energy makeup of the human being. We will also learn the TK balancing format, the human energy constitution, and soul centered goal setting. Join us either on Skype or FaceTime. Please email Kate and let her know what online platform you can use. Kate prefers FaceTime. You can also come to Kate’s office and take it in person.
For more information, email kate10raferty@gmail.com

Prerequisite: Muscle Testing Basics $75

Place: Theosophical Society
21 Maple St., Arlington, MA 02474

Time: To be announced
Dates: To be announced

Muscle Testing Basics
In Muscle Testing Basics, a prerequisite for TK Foundations, we will learn how to perform the tool of assessing stress in the body. This tool is used throughout the TK balances and workshops.
Place: Theosophical Society
21 Maple St., Arlington, MA 02474

Cost: $75 for both sessions
Time: To be announced
Dates: To be announced

Lobster Coast Dowsing Chapter Monthly Meeting: featuring a Sacred Geometry and Sacred Ceremony Lesson Using Dowsing
Kate Rafferty and Sharon Smith will be teaching how to build a sacred ceremony with sacred geometry through dowsing. We will set an intention, create a ceremony, and perform the ceremony. Bring your pendulum or dowsing tool.
Place: Merrimac Senior Center,
100 East Main St. Merrimac, MA
Email us if interested at lobstercoastdowsers@gmail.com

Cost: $10
Location: 20 High Street, Newbury, MA  01951
Time: 2 pm
Dates: Fourth Saturday of every month

A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey
Free Conference Call, Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm
Join the study group. We read from the book about 8-10 pages, and then we have a lively discussion. Learn about how to manifest soul energies through the mind, emotions and body, and apply this vital information to your daily life.
Call: 7817711366