Sessions + Classes

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Via Individual or Group Sessions, I facilitate your ability to function optimally in the world by aligning the physical, emotional and mental with your inner purpose.

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Teaching the path of the soul, I offer certified classes on Transformational Kinesiology and Inner Leadership.

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1. Energy Anatomy Workshop : 5 days
Energy Anatomy is a series of 10 yoga poses that are used to manifest the 7 rays of energy.

2. Inner Leadership Workshops 
Inner Leadership is meditation and education on the symbols of the first three rays of energy.
Inner Leadership Level 1: 2 days each
Inner Leadership Level 2 : 2 days each

3. Transformational Kinesiology Workshops
TK is a process of soul centered counselling to awaken inner awareness and support us in making the changes our hearts deeply desire through physical, mental and emotional alignment. 
Muscle Testing Basics (TK Pre-Requisite) : 4 hrs
TK Foundations : 3 days
TK Level 1 (Etheric Body 1) : 5 days
TK Level 2 (Etheric Body 2) : 5 days
TK Level 3 (Miasms/etheric pollutions) : 5 days
TK Level 4 (Soul Infusion) : 5 days
TK Level 5 (Group Souls)  : 5 days
TK Level 6 (Color, Sound, Fragrance) : 5 days
TK Level 7 (Conscious Soul) : 5 days

4. Spiritual Development Online Class (click link for YouTube video demo)

Everyone knows that they have a soul, but they live in their personality. Now, at this time in history, we need to develop the abilities of the soul.

What needs to be developed? The intuition.

With the intuition comes the ability to “read” energy with the outcome of an:

1. Etheric awareness

2. Ability to read the energy with the inner senses to discern between the real and the unreal.

3. Spiritual discernment.

Many people get training in psychic awareness or go to get a “reading”. They do this because they want to know if they are going to get the job, partner or the raise., etc. In other words, they want a guarantee on the outcome of their endeavors. Everyone wants their time and efforts to be well spent. They want to have a sense of accomplishment and success.

This is not that kind of class. We are looking at soul development. The soul doesn’t care about material success. However, the soul needs a strong personality to manifest through.

Observation is the first ability in the training. Exercises in observation are very important. The training includes observation through the senses of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Can you observe your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations and not react to them in the same old way? Or, can you respond in an appropriate manner in any situation? Heart to Heart.

How do you break a pattern of behavior? You notice what triggers the behavior, and you change your behavior. You pay attention to what sets you off into that behavior. As a personality you want to be in control, but what is the true motivation? Can you really communicate soul to soul? Most people communicate from pain to pain, hatred to hatred,confusion and guilt, leading to gossip.

To break the cycle of unconscious actions and re-actions, we’ll be training in:

1. Sense development (heart oriented and inclusive)

2. Observation, become aware of your inner and outer surroundings.

3. Magnetic Attraction and repulsion.

4. Seeing behind things.

5. Observe the ways you and others try to manipulate situations with the intention of changing your abilities to let things be as they are.

6. Etheric awareness

Some of the exercises:

1. Tray exercise

2. Astral vs soul awareness

3. Here and now with the senses

You are only developed as you are anchored in your heart. The Universal mind is anchored in the heart. Everything you think, intuit, or feel/sense manifests through and into the physical. Noticing the subtle changes of relaxation in the physical body when you are able to use your spiritual awareness.